Hebrew 101

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This is a more in-depth course than the free online Starting with Genesis Hebrew course taught by Dr. Koch - though if you've done the online course, you have a great foundation for this one!

You DO NEED the primary textbook for week 1. This same textbook is used when you reach the more advanced Hebrew courses as well.

Please do share with friends, family, home schoolers and other churches and synagogues! This is open to all who want to learn biblical Hebrew, taught by a gifted instructor. All ages welcome.

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The primary textbook for the class is The First Hebrew Primer, Third Edition, by Simon, Resnikoff and Motzkin. 

Also VERY HELPFUL for this course is:

  • ANSWER BOOK for The First Hebrew Primer


  • The audio CD or download, Companion to the First Hebrew Primer.

These can be bought online from the publisher at EKS Publishing, or on Amazon and elsewhere. If you sign up, order your book right away so you have it in time.

Though only the main textbook is required, it is STRONGLY recommended that you get the FLASHCARDS. These are also available as an iPhone app.

The ANSWER BOOK is helpful for checking answers to the questions in each chapter. The audio CD helps you to learn proper pronunciation.

Hebrew is a wonderful language to know, and this is a great opportunity to learn it.