These are the basics of WHO we are and WHAT we are doing:

Who Are We?

What's the Goal?

What's the Catch?

Where does this happen?

What is the Anglican Angle?


To understand WHY we are doing what we are doing, based on the ancient roots of the faith, read these:

The Way of Rabbi Jesus

Persecution of the Jews

Coming: What is Messiah?

Bibliography – recommended reading to understand the scholarship, history and challenges that led to New Jerusalem House of Prayer.

Glossary – a list of terms from Hebrew and English that help define what we are all about.

Learn Hebrew, starting with Genesis, in our FREE 8 session online class

New Jerusalem from Wikipedia – an interesting article on the idea of New Jerusalem from Judaism, Christianity and even Bahai and Mormonism.


What's in a Name —DISTRESS about Christmas, Easter, Pagans, Biblical Holidays, Misunderstandings, Fist Fights: What Is This All About?

Why no pork or shellfish? - What's the deal with Kosher rules at New Jerusalem?